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I don't get this whole getting information from RAM thing. Is this my RAM we're talking about, or some other RAM belonging specifically to Blizzard? I don't need for the game to remain open in order to Sync my toons using Magelo.

I will not debate weather or not the software is illegal to use with WoW. That and what the terms state is no longer an issue. I already know that I shouldn't use it right now, and I do not use it. I do use it with another game though.

My only interest is weather or not they are going to tell us if we can use it (anyone other than an official Bliz employee stating otherwise is is doing so based on pure speculation only).... since they are indeed investigating it, have not locked Jelan's thread advertising it on the official WoW forums, have not banned anyone over it, and have not forced WoWWiki (an official fan site supported by Blizzard) to stop advertising it in their ad banner on the top of their site.

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