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Originally Posted by Evolution85 View Post
What does this program do that the Armory, Warcrafter, Be Imba, or RPG Profiler cant????

With all the add ons, spreadsheets, WWS, and everything else available why in the world do we need another?
You cannot really see everything that Magelo Sync can do just yet because it's still in Beta for WoW. However, if you pop over to the EverQuest side of the site, you'll see. Everything there will also be available for the WoW side.

There's so much that Magelo offeres, and I do not think I could possibly cover it all in a post. The only thing I can say is it puts all the others to shame. I remember the first time I used it for EverQuest.. I just sat there going (omg, wow!).

I'll let you see two of my EQ Magelo profiles so you can click on all the gear, buttons and doodads you see:

Notice the clickable icons on the right edge, and the tabs on the bottom. Lets say that I wanted to apply to a high end raiding guild. I add my profile link to my application and they can view it. They'll see what gear I have, my current stats (which are broken down in SOOO many ways for you to see) and if I need to work on anything. They'll see exactly where I am in my progression (keys I have already, what zones I am flagged for and quests I have completed to get there). They'll see everything there is to see, or what I choose to show or hide via my options panel. They also see how many AA (Alternate Advancements, same as Talent points) I have and what ones I am missing. I also have access, in my options, to check all my spells and see what ones, if any, I am missing.

This is one of my little alts. If you look up on the top right of the display box you'll see a tiny icon. Click that and you'll see two links called test and test2. These are what is called alternate profiles. I can edit those and add gear, augments on the gear, or weapons. This gives me the ability to know what gear will benefit me the most so I will know what to set my goals for. (You can see which ones I've changed as they have a yellowish tinted background on them). For each alternate profile, if you look up top where my name and guild name is at, under it, it states that it's an alternate profile so that I can't deceive people by stating I have that gear already.

There is also a ranking system for those who wish to allow their profiles to be ranked. (Gawd, that one guy has 24k hit points unbuffed... damn lol).

There is also a guild tool, but I haven't played with it that much. There's an items database, spells database, zone database, and NPC database. Probably more stuff and I just can't remember what it is at the moment.