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Originally Posted by Deepphrozen View Post
This is a joke, how long will it take to get a working version? Really, since Rythal took over the responsibility of carbonite it started to suck. QUest signs in the middle of nowhere and such uncertain maps. Really not funny but thank god i am no longer depending on carbonite because as there is no working version since the pre patch, (6 weeks ago!!!) i am familiar now with the WOW interface. So thanks for nothing Rythal, i will not donate to you

FYI If Rythal hadn't done it Carbonite would probably be dead. On another note Rythal is working on it MOSTLY solo (or entirely solo) whereas the OLD Carbonite had an entire TEAM of people working on it so updates where more timely so to speak... for the most part (although I didn't use carbonite until it went totally free, since you used to have to pay for or pirate the fully functional version).

So people like you are unproductive and shouldn't even bother to post, except it feeds your troll nature to watch to see if people will respond.