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I kind of like this, so I made my own. However, I use LiteMount, which recognizes when you can't use a mount and doesn't send out a spellcast event. For those that want a weakaura warning with LiteMount, set up a trigger with Custom > Status > Every Frame and the following function:

Lua Code:
  1. function()
  3.     if not LiteMount then return false end
  5.     local litemount=false
  7.     if LiteMount.actions and not _G["HOOKLITEMOUNTFORWEAKAURA"] then
  8.         setglobal("HOOKLITEMOUNTFORWEAKAURA",true)
  9.         hooksecurefunc(LiteMount.actions[1],"Dispatch",function()
  10.                 setglobal("LITEMOUNTFORWEAKAURA",true)
  11.         end)
  12.         hooksecurefunc(LiteMount.actions[2],"Dispatch",function()
  13.                 setglobal("LITEMOUNTFORWEAKAURA",true)
  14.         end)
  15.         hooksecurefunc(LiteMount.actions[3],"Dispatch",function()
  16.                 setglobal("LITEMOUNTFORWEAKAURA",true)
  17.         end)
  18.         hooksecurefunc(LiteMount.actions[4],"Dispatch",function()
  19.                 setglobal("LITEMOUNTFORWEAKAURA",true)
  20.         end)
  21.     end
  23.     if _G["LITEMOUNTFORWEAKAURA"] then
  24.         litemount=true
  25.         setglobal("LITEMOUNTFORWEAKAURA",false)
  26.     end
  28.     return litemount
  30. end

However, this does not have the option to ignore, so druids, shamans, worgen, and anyone using the two maw mounts will get this trigger every time (LiteMount handles them all) so if you can mount in the maw on certain characters, you may want to fiddle with the load tab. Also, make sure you set the Zone ID to 1543 as mentioned above or you'll get this warning everywhere you mount.
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