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Originally Posted by Coasty View Post
in this case I'm assuming that Objective 1 was the right one to keep
No. The 1st and second ones were the ones removed. The 3rd one is the one with the coords for the crystal and Mistress Mar'alith at Hive Regal which is now where you kill a Silithid to get the brain for "Breaking the Code", click on the Crystal for "Glyph Chasing", and kill Mistress Mar'alith for "Into the Maw of Madness".

Oh hell, it's gotten me sufficiently interested that I guess I'll just bring in a new character and go experiment a little and see for myself exactly what those "nil" lines are doing. Having Zygor's leveling guide running at the same time will make the experimenting a whole heck of a lot easier.
If you'd like to take a shortcut, you can create a Death Knight which should be close if not right at the appropriate level after finishing the starting area. You can now create more than one on a server.
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