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Originally Posted by myrroddin View Post
OCD aside, don't worry about it. Several authors of multiple addons don't flag their addons as compatible with the current version of the game. This is because all the "fix" does is a exactly that: a flag. In this case, the line below in the .toc file is the only thing needing to be changed.
Lua Code:
  1. ## Interface: 70300
The downside to a user opening the file in any text editor to make the change is that if the addon is officially updated with changes, bugfixes, updated localizations, code updates, etc, is that automatic updaters like the Curse App, Minion, TukUI Client, and others, may not recognize the addon anymore, and won't automatically update.

It is up to you, but that's the fix, unless something breaks. Your results and mileage may vary, and there are no guarantees.

ok ty. i have been knowing how to do what you said for years.
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