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Okay, I've pulled support. Shouldn't really be anything out there with my support anymore.

Before this, the worst they really did was to reduce players down to a single number. Which is annoying and teaches players a really bad habit, but wasn't illegal. Worst case, it could be argued to be somewhat unethical.

However, now they've crossed the line. The irrefutable proof lies in Carbonite.
  • Carbonite is listed as "All Rights Reserved" in Curse.
  • Carbonite includes a license agreement as a part of the download, which reads like a standard copyright notice. No GPL, no copyleft, nothing similar. It reads very much like a proprietary agreement.
  • Carbonite is listed as unclaimed in World of Addons. Which means they copied it without permission, and without a liberal license like what Reagent Restocker uses (MIT).
  • Thus, they made a copy without the rights to do so.
  • Thus, they are violating copyright law.
  • Thus, I cannot support them.
If they limited themselves to things like the MIT license and public domain stuff, what they are doing could perhaps be defensible.

However, they did not. They copied addons like Carbonite without permission (if they had permission, they wouldn't have a link to claim the addon).

Thus, I'm pulling support. If the request to claim Reagent Restocker goes through, I will simply pull the download files, leave a description saying why I have done so, and point them to Curse/WoWI.