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So a bit of an update on that World of Addons thing . . .

. . . they did in fact contact me, and we had a conversation.

Unfortunately, they seem to be of the mindset that copyright infringement is okay if you set it up as opt out and try to contact people.

Which I cannot in good conscience accept.

I should note that they have claimed that they are going to pull Reagent Restocker from their system, although I should note at the time of this writing it's still up and claimable.

Their website was down for a bit, and is back up containing this:

"Please note: We attempted to contact as many authors as we could prior to site launch (via PMs and three separate emails, the final one being an opt-out). In the absence of reasonable means to contact some addon authors, we've received several takedown requests. Please accept our apologies if we're hosting your addon against your wishes, and we hope you'll reconsider in time."
I've underlined the parts that IMO are in violation of copyright law (authors should have to opt in to hosting not opt out of it, and under no circumstances should they be hosting if there's a chance it's against the author's wishes). I'm not a lawyer, but I can't in good conscience support anybody who would knowingly violate copyright law.