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Problems/Errors with Carbonite 4.013

I will try and be as brief, but as descriptive, as possible, so that the entireity of the errors I am having will be understood.

Though I know listing all the errors isn't particularly useful, I'm wanting to be thorough in case I missed something.

...\Fix_ZasCarboniteFixs\Fix_ZasCarboniteFixs.lua: 127: in functuion 'Upl'

...\Carbonite\Carbonite.ua: 15656: in function 'Upd'

...\Carbonite\Carbonite.lua: 16141: in function <Interface\AddOns\Carbonite\Carbonite.lua:161007>

As for a description of the problem, there are several. For starters, the icons (such as city locations, the circles with x's inside marking quest spots, and quest areas are NOT scaling with the magnification of the map, and are moving in places where they are not. For example, I had a question mark in Storm Peaks in the Temple of Storms. I magnified the map, and zoomed it back out and the same question mark was in Frosthold.

When you pull up the larger map, the zone you're in is shown, but everything around it is blacked out (such as being in Storm Peaks, but unable to see Icecrown, Zul'Drak, etc around it). You can get it to show by zooming out extremely, and then back in, but everything gets horribly misplaced when you do so.

I had one party member with me. I saw her twice on the map at the same time. Neither her icon nor my arrow was moving as we moved across the map.

When you bring the big map up, and then close it again, icons from the big map, like question marks, quest points and so on remain on your screen. For example, the question mark that moved from Temple of Storms to Frosthold was sitting in my chat window after I closed the large map.

Similar type problems also exist, but I'd be basically rehashing a large part of it. Its making navigating impossible, and finding quest objectives and such just as impossible.

If this report helps, which I hope it does, hopefully these issues can be found and fixed promptly.

Thank you, and thank you for such a wonderful addon. Thank you very much Faatal and Haavok for your hard work.

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