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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
LibWho-2.0 is just a wrapper around the /who query system, which is slow, and interferes with the user's ability to /who query people. It also doesn't work very well for players with short names. For example, if you are trying to /who someone named Pat, the results will include every name that includes the letters "pat" in that order at any position, and since it's limited to 49 results, you may not even get the Pat you were looking for. Using /who in an addon to find information about a specific player should be the absolute last resort.
From your back-and-forth, though, it looks like in the situation where he detects that he doesn't know whether they're a hostile or friendly panda, he might need to use it. I was mostly responding to him thinking that the who window needed to be up to use the who API .

Originally Posted by semlar
Here'a a "quick" and dirty method for getting the faction from a unit's GUID using its tooltip:
That won't still work if someone is using a custom tooltip, will it?
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