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Originally Posted by Cairenn View Post
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I thought that might happen. >_>

Originally Posted by Cairenn View Post
Wish something short term, with no long term ramifications. ie something that would really hurt a lot, but not injure.
But if there's no long-term ramifications, then how will they learn anything? While I haven't personally met any of the people operating these leech sites, I can only imagine they're the same type of people who think the rules don't apply to them in real life either, and always have some elaborate excuse for why what they're doing is okay, and will just keep taking advantage of you/the system/whatever as long as they're alive and free to do so.

They didn't reply to my post on their forum thread, but they did remove the two addons of mine they were hosting. At least that was far less painful than dealing with TenTonHammer and their endless weaselling and begging me to "work with them".
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