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I'm very concerned that, of ALL the information you scraped off of Curse for the addons you are hosting, you removed the author name for every file except for the ones belonging to tiny.

Also, let me remind you of another reason (besides copyright) why authors hate finding versions of their work elsewhere:
We don't know it's there. If something is broken, we don't know it. If a user asks a question, we don't know it. If a complaint does come around our way about some bug or something not working, we spend time figuring out how that could be - they say they're using the latest version, but we already fixed that! (But we didn't upload the fix to your site, because we don't know about it.)

Lastly, yes. tiny sounding like a Comcast rep left a very bad taste in my mouth (and I'm sure I'm not the only one). Only hearing what he wants to hear, belligerently asking the same questions over and over... This is what I was reminded of while reading his comments. And this is only compounded by the fact that his is the only work that is attributed to an author on your site, AND that his work is marked All Rights Reserved (would he mind others uploading it elsewhere without his knowledge?).

/edit: As mentioned, you might just have tons of authors flocking to your site if you do it the right way. But there is no shortcut to success.
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