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As per the removal of the Author name, that was a poor design decision, and was not meant in any way to suggest that Solidice authored or laid claim to any addon in which the author name was omitted. One of several unfortunate mistakes during this endeavor.

We 100% intend, and have intended for persons to have the ability to claim their addons in the near future.

You also raise a very good point concerning the lack of notification to addon authors, which could certainly rise to confusion from users, and an increase in technical and support issues as there could be differences in available versions from different sources. We hope that once authors are able to claim their addons this concern will have been addressed, and in the mean time are ready and willing to work with the community to reduce and prevent further confusion, complications, or annoyances.

As it is not my place to comment on the actions of any other person, I can assure you that I am dedicated to ensuring a positive progression for the relationship of Solidice and the addon community and its authors.

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