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I feel I should say something on this...

While I appreciate all the thanks, the truth is I stepped back for selfish reasons.

I started my updates to Carbonite as a Fan back when MoP was first entering testing and we had not seen any updates from the original authors. I had done the updates for myself, as Carbonite was an addon I felt I could not live without, and I shared what I had done with everyone else who also felt they needed it.

Now here we are 2 expansions later, and I still did the updates mostly for myself and not the community as a whole, but it was starting to feel almost like a second job. Putting off real world commitments with my girlfriend, finding myself at 3-4am still debugging things when I had work in a couple hours, delaying actually playing the new content to fix bugs that effected everyone else but me (still no idea why lol) I realized it really had become an unpaid second job.

So I decided to step back, to remove myself from that position. I am not giving up on Carbonite, but i'm going back to working on it for myself.. to add things to it that I want and make it do the things I want, things I've always wanted that other addons do so I kept out of Carbonite, but I in my head and mind always thought I'd prefer it if Carbonite handled it, instead of other addons like SilverDragon and Moggit (both amazing addons I use daily, just would prefer more integration with Warehouse, or Tracker) ... now I can do that, I can write that stuff and not have to worry about it or publishing it.

And I do feel guilty about stepping back when people were counting on me, if any of the five donators who sent me a donation in the last couple months (I won't name them) want their money back, I will be happy to refund it, just send me a private message.... anyone who was before then, too bad :P you got your use of the addon
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