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I started using Carbonite back in TBC, so when the original authors stopped developing Carbonite I was more than just a little screwed og lost.
When Rythal picked it up in MoP, and decided to eventually publish his work on this amazing addon I was really really happy.

No matter the reason for which he picked it up and now putting it down, those of us who's been using Carbonite should be more than just grateful.

Ofc spending all his time on a "second job" is no fun. I'm sure most if not all of us, have tried something similar at least once in our life, and Rythal deserves to have a life that doesn't necessarily involve Carbonite.

Enough said: Rythal: Thank you!

To any devs reading these comments, you may just be fixing bugs here and there, but if it weren't for Rythal picking it up in MoP and you continuing fixing bugs, us Carbonite users would have had to find other addons that could do what Carbonite does, and it's like isn't out there.
So to the devs too: Thank you.
Want to upload carbonite quest data? Then this is link you need: http://atk.github.io/Carbonite/ scroll down the page and halfway there's a button for Browse. Follow the directions to [WoW]\WTF\Account\[Account]\SavedVariables directory and select the file named Carbonite.Quests (it's the LUA file) then upload the file.
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