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Question Question about this macro

So I use this macro I found for my Mist Weaver spec. Let's me cast heals on friendly targets and use Blackout Kick, Spinning Crane kick on harmful targets.

/cast [spec:1,@mouseover,harm][spec:1]Blackout Kick;[spec:3,@mouseover,harm][spec:3]Blackout Kick;[@mouseover,help][exists,help]Renewing Mist; [@mouseover,harm][exists,harm]Blackout Kick; [@player]Renewing Mist;

I am just curious why the same macro (with the spells changed for the appropriate class) won't work the same on my Priest ? I want to make a macro that lets me Plea on a friendly target but Smite on a harmful one. I've even tried writing it from scratch and it just won't work.

Is there a list of spells that just aren't compatible together in a macro ?
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