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Since the macro is evaluated from start to finish, any scenario that is true first will be the outcome of your macro. In the example you posted, the [spec:1] condition will be true whenever you're specced as Disc. Since you just replaced the spells, it should end up trying to cast Smite because it's the first true condition on that list.

That macro seems to have a lot of redundancies for what you're trying to do.
This might not be how you intended it, but this should work for what you're describing:
[@mouseover,help][@target,help] Plea; -> mouseover or target exists, helpful, cast Plea
[@mouseover,harm][@target,harm] Smite; -> mouseover or target exists, harmful, cast Smite
[@player] Plea; -> else just cast Plea
The macro you posted is intended for use with all three monk specs; cast blackout kick with mouseover priority when you're a windwalker or a brewmaster, otherwise check for friendly mouseover or target first and cast Renewing Mist, then vice versa for enemies and Blackout Kick.

Try this instead:
/cast [@mouseover,help][@target,help] Plea; [@mouseover,harm][@target,harm] Smite; [@player] Plea;

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