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Ok guys, BEFORE anyone replies with a lot of negative, please understand - I know that you are working diligently and putting in a lot of time for getting BFA Carbonite functional. I am NOT pushing, or in any way being derogative...I am merely ASKING to get some type of input.

I have been using Carbonite since back in the previous ownership days when it was a pay service. For me, it is an integral part of WoW, and I have become so accustomed to it that the game is really cumbersome and not as functional. I've tried numerous other addons, but none of them give the capability and functionality that is contained in Carbonite, not to mention the fact that it requires several addons to do the job that is contained in Carbonite alone. So, in that respect, my forever gratitude to Rythal and crew for their dedication, commitment and continual efforts to keep the program functional.

My question is in 2 parts:
1: Is there a projected timeline for release of BFA Carbonite?
2: Can you suggest 'alternative' addons that closely emulates Carbonite without a bucket full of addons?

The only other time that there seemed to be an issue with integration with a new expansion release I can remember was in MoP, and I think that is when Rythal took over ownership - and I remember him pulling out most of his hair at that time to get it operational!

Anyway, thanks guys for your diligence and committed efforts in this project!
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