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Originally Posted by rebelian View Post
I miss carbonite for classic!!! I would get a subscription to use it, or donate monthly via patreon or Brave!
This. Seriously. I too resubscribed after not having played WoW since WoD. I used Carbonite since, damn, was it BC?? Pretty sure it was BC, if not the tail end of Vanilla...

I know this isn't the developer's full time job and what not, but seriously, I would also be very interested in donating via Patreon or other means in order to get a Classic version up and going.

I hate retail, honestly, there is a reason I never subbed to or even purchased BfA. I'll probably never play retail again, and, despite using ELVUI for my complete overhaul, I STILL always used and prefer Carbonite for all quests and especially the map and Minimap!

Being without it is like one of those "naked in front of the school" dreams come to life!
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