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In response to prices on varios servers I've played on about 5 or 6 servers now and what I've seen is that if you had a big farming guild then you'd see level 1's selling purples for 400-650g and being laughed at and ignored by everyone.

AH prices will go up, but I don't think the average person really buys that much at that point but rather only level 60's alts with ton of money they got from farming gold actually buy that.

But a few dedicated crafters can easily change portions of an economey like that by providing needed wares for reasonable prices.

To some extent the addons like Auctioneer and AuctionMatrix and even my own KC_Auction will contribute to inflation as inevitably the averages they store get slanted higher and higher as people post for higher and higher prices. People use these averages as a standard to sell by instead of trying to figure out what a item is actually worth. You have enough people doing this and prices will go up.

just some random thoughts.
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