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After watching the film for about the 20th time, I notice more and more "Old Trek" references and such:

1.) While Kirk is getting onto the shuttlecraft to go to the Academy, he turns and walks head first into a beam above his head. I believe this is a reference to when Scotty said "I know this ship like the back of my hand" and then turns and plows head first into a beam . . . too similar not to be.

2.) Nobody mentioned the Green Girl that Kirk seems to always hook up with . . .lol

3.) McCoy says he has a fear of dying in anything that flies, yet he seems to enjoy the view the second time we see him in a flying situation, From the old days his fear was "his atoms being blown apart into a million pieces and then scattered all over the galaxy"

4.) Yes the red shirt that alot seemed to catch.

5.) Even tho the time travel and the changing of events, all the crew "still" manages to end up on the Enterprise in the positions they originally were, A reference to FATE?

6.) Surprised IDIC was never brought up, nor the Prime Directive

7.) McCoy yells for the help of Nurse Chapel which we don't get to see. (Didn't she get duty on the Enterprise much later into their voyage if I remember right?)

I do think that a series with these actors and could spark the franchise back up, would be more interesting that "Enterprise"
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