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I'll stick to this thread instead of making a new one...

A short explanation of what's being worked on currently:

The old Carbonite had 2 Zone tables. One followed blizzards zoneID's (4 = Durotar, 9 = Mulgore etc etc),
and One used it's own numbering system (1000 - 1999 was Eastern Kingdoms, 2000 - 2999 was Kalimdor, 3000-3999 was Outlands etc etc)

The entire mapping system relied on and was using the 1000,2000 system while guides locations quest tracking etc was using the zoneID system. The two were tied together strictly by the zone name. So during the table initialization, it looked at zone 1001 saw Durotar was it's name and created links between 1001 and 4 in various tables.

With the new continent coming, that entire system no longer works, as it can't tell Burning Crusade Shadowmoon Valley from WoD Shadowmoon Valley. So I am working on converting the 1000,2000 system over to zoneID's.

This is also leading to some problems on it's own, as things like Battlegrounds were placed in 9000-9999 and through out the entire mapping system it would check if you were in a battleground by seeing if carbonites internal ID was 9001 etc, so I need to find new ways to check for instances or battlegrounds.

All of this is compounded by the fact work keeps dragging me from home so I don't have access to work on it. (3 weeks in wisconsin, then 2 weeks in ohio, the rest of this week in toronto) So the working version for WoD won't be anytime soon, hopefully i'll have it going before WoD launches but even that remains to be seen.

For those who can't wait until it's done, it was a pleasure. For those who can wait, don't fret, it's not abandoned and will be fixed to work before too long.