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Thumbs up Real Life does trump Games

Thank you so much for your continued efforts.
I have contacted all of my framily & guildmates reminding them to please be patient the most recent converts tend to chomp at the bit ...
We've ALL had to live without Carbonite at various stages when a new expansion comes out... for those of us who have been using it since it was a paid addon that is quite a few years lol
Life has been crazy busy for so many in recent years, it seems like people are having to work twice as much/ or twice as hard just to keep afloat & tempers are shorter, attitudes get crispy & players don't have as many hours to play. The one thing that I always yell is Thank you! when Carbonite is back up and running & Carbonite is still one of the 3 addons I would be completely unable to choose between.
I have spent hours in Skype talking friends through setting up Carbonite & helping them track down the ONE thing that was making them crazy(er)... whatever that one thing was.
Take your time, your Loyal fans will be here when it is ready & time away from Carbonite ALWAYS makes me appreciate it that much more.
Hugs & blessings & safe travels from a grey-haired Granny with lotsa crinkles