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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
  • Text is still too small and low-contrast.
Text rendering still in mascara-blob mode. Screenshot here: http://i.imgbox.com/ivWhYxle.png I recommend downloading it and viewing it in a normal image app at actual size; if you're viewing it in a browser, make sure it's not being scaled, or it will look smoother than it really is, and IE apparently applies some kind of smoothing even at 100% zoom, so don't use that. For comparison, here's how the same font renders in my web browser on the Minion site: http://i.imgbox.com/8aVwM43Z.png

Text still too small in most places. In the above screenshot, this applies to addon titles, author names, category names, version strings, and the "sort by" dropdown label/value.

The super-low contrast is still painful. I understand theming and accessibility aren't high priorities, but would it really hurt to do something as simple as make the text brighter? In the above screenshot, addon titles in white are okay, though between the small size and bad rendering, still far from comfortable to read, but author names are unreadable at a normal viewing distance.

100% agree. Dark grey text on a black background is a big design no no, regardless of your monitor settings. Also agree that the text is way too small. People with a visual impairment (like me) will have a hard time seeing the text.

We already sit at our computers far longer than we should, and having to deal with poor contrast and tiny text just adds more uneccessary eye strain.
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