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Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
Yeah, when you have it installed it gives you a right-click menu of the tracking button. Just like ircdirk's photo shows. It's really kind of cool, and it takes one more minimap button totally off the minimap. Like, it's gone!
It's actually just the micromenu menu buttons but there was a point in time I was working on adding the tracking options.

Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
What Carbonite does is make another "minimap" for the user. Then they give you (the user) the option to merge their "minimap" and Blizzards default minimap. This gives you (the user) the "active node" gold icon, and the other icons, on the Carbonite minimized map (or minimap), which you would otherwise not get because there is no API to show it on other maps.

So there is another frame over the Blizzard minimap if you choose to merge the maps. It's just Carbonites minimized map.

If someone could come up with a way to add Click Menu to the right-click menu of the Carbonite minimized map, or add another menu to the right-click on Carbonites minimized map, that would be great.
I's actually simple to do, just change the frame click menu uses. I'm not doing this though because I don't have any way to load the game to load carbonite to get the name of the frame Carbonite uses. However Click menu is licensed under a FOSS license (specifically BSD simplified (MIT) so someone can post a patch for this or even integrate click menu into Carbonite itself. If it works I'll update Click Menu with optional carbonite support.

specifically the script is in Clock menu>core.lua right at the bottom
Lua Code:
  1. Minimap:SetScript('OnMouseUp', function(self, button)
  2.     if button == MouseButton then
  3.         securecall(EasyMenu, menuList, menuFrame, self, 27, 190, 'MENU', 8)
  4.     else
  5.         Minimap_OnClick(self) --pretty much detects for a click on the Blizzard Minimap frame
  6.     end
  7. end)

however this is not the thread for this discussion so if anyone feels like adding support feel free to post the patch in the Click Menu comments section rather than this thread.

(Really I didn't think Carbonite wouldn't have something like Click Menu already and wanted to get future headaches out of the way which is why I asked for it to be marks incompatible to begin with)
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