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Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
If I may ask, where, exactly, did you get this "new version of Carbonite" from?

The ONLY official Carbonite downloads are on "carboniteaddon.com", "wowinterface.com", and "curse.com", and if you choose to download from "carboniteaddon.com", it does an automatic redirect to the Carbonite download/information page on "wowinterface.com".

ALL of those sites list Carbonite 4.301, released on May 6, 2012, as the latest version of Carbonite available.

Fortunately for us (the people that use Carbonite), though, Rythal (a Carbonite user) has been giving his time and energy to do a "fan update" of Carbonite until (or maybe "if") the Carbonite devs can get an "official" update out. Thanks, Rythal, you are helping make WoW more enjoyable (read: easier (at least for me)) to play.

So, TL;DR: If you installed Carbonite from any of the listed sites, you didn't get an update- just the Carbonite you already had installed. The only update is in a thread on the Carbonite forums and it's by a fan named Rythal.
It's up on the carboniteaddon.com download page but it is worthless. I have Rythal's fan update and it works almost flawlessly. LTR. I was complimenting our friend here.