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Weird, then that means the wow.tools dump is wrong or somehow dumped retail instead. Searching the strings directly ingame for "PROFESSIONS" got me these:

Lua Code:
  3. --PROFESSIONS_ARCHAEOLOGY_MISSING="Visit a trainer to learn archaeology.  Archaeology allows you to discover valuable treasures and learn ancient lore of the world.",
  5. --PROFESSIONS_COOKING_MISSING="Visit a trainer to learn cooking. Cooking lets you learn recipes to create food that heals you out of combat and grants you temporary buffs."
  7. --PROFESSIONS_FIRST_AID_MISSING="Visit a trainer to learn first aid.  First aid lets you turn cloth into bandages for healing yourself and others.",
  10. --PROFESSIONS_FISHING_MISSING="Visit a trainer to learn fishing.  Fishing lets you catch fish and other strange things from water.  Fish can be cooked into delicious meals with the Cooking skill.",
  11. --PROFESSIONS_HELP_1="You can find trainers for professions in a major city.\n\nA gathering profession is recommended for new players.",
  12. --PROFESSIONS_HELP_2="You can find trainers for professions in a major city.\n\nFirst Aid is recommended for new players.",
  13. --PROFESSIONS_MISSING_PROFESSION="Visit a profession trainer in a major city to learn a new profession. You may have two professions. You may have any combination of gathering and production professions.",
  14. --PROFESSIONS_SECOND_PROFESSION="Second Profession",
  15. --PROFESSIONS_USED_IN_COOKING="Crafting Reagent",

Looks like there's no global strings at all for the other tradeskills or crafts. It's also possible that the global string dump is correct and this is a case of purposeful coding to emulate vanilla.

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