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Originally Posted by fitzcairncc View Post
Hi Jahirah -

Thank you for reaching out! It makes me super happy that my little side project was helpful to someone.

I’ll take a look at resurrecting the site (looks like Google app engine just nuked it), but unfortunately no promises, as my current company is very strict about side projects. If it’s just a Google administrative thing then I’ll fix it, but if it takes more than that I’ll have to wait.

That said, I did release all the source (https://github.com/fitzcairn/Macro-Explain-o-Matic) if you or a friend would like to put it up somewhere else. I’d also be happy to transfer the domain name to whomever takes it over to support the WoW community.

Hi Fitzcairn

I was dreading that it was more than just server problems and tried to ignore my gut feeling telling me otherwise - yet it's still devastating to have you confirm it... officially! It wasn't what I wanted to hear but I still appreciate the status update!

The macro Explain-o-matic is by far the best third-party utility resource developed to date. I've used it extensively and I can't begin to describe the gaping hole it's left or the loss it would be to see if disappear all together.

I wouldn't hesitate for a second to dedicate my time and effort in maintaining the project going forward - unfortunately I don't posses the necessary skills to do so...
I've been trying to look into what kind of language and/or online service (?) support requirements are needed for it to work but so far I've only managed to make myself dizzy...
I've downloaded the "Master-file" from GitHub even though I don't have the first clue of how to use it

I don't have programming skills but if I can do anything to help you and the project get back on it's feet I'd be happy to help.

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