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Originally Posted by KeiiKeii27 View Post
I have been seeing different posts in reference to a viable Carbonite release. However not being technologically savy, I am not quite sure of how to get it or even install. If anyone can offer some assistance with a direct link to the ACTUAL correct version that would be great. I am SO SICK of the in game map and UI not having Carbonite has really slowed leveling and questing down to a crawl for me. If Blizz had any sense they would take this project by the reins and integrate it into the game. I willnot be happi until I have my Carbonite back

I believe that you should wait then until a viable release is made available on Curse as the current one will have a few more issues that need to be worked out. All that is available is a minute by minute version on GitHub and it MUST be manually installed. I am using it and my wife is not at this point because if it has a brain fart in the middle of something she will freeze and not know what to do.

Just wait and be patient. I would not be surprised if there was an update available within the next two weeks that will be stable enough for everyone to use.