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Frame Rate Issues

Long long time lurker. Guess I had to make my mark for something worthwhile. It has been mentioned before on the main thread that there have been instances of frame rates tanking with some of the previous Git versions. Getting a weird instance of that with the last three pushes. The game normally runs 150-180 fps but with these last pushes I tank to around 50-70 fps. I have a version from like fifteen pushes ago that this does not happen with. The strange thing is that my frame rate dips but I see my gpu is only running at 75% load rather than 100%. If I disable Carbonite all goes back to max. And disabling any or all of the individual modules does nothing. I haven't added or removed any other addons other than Carbonite and I always clear my settings prior to importing the latest push. Don't know if this will help you but thought it was worth mentioning.

And a big thanks to you guys (and gals?) for the time and effort being put into this project. We appreciate it more than you know.