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Calculating incoming damage

Apologies if I have asked this before (I did a search, could not find it).

I would like to get an idea of incoming damage onto a player, before heals and other absorbs that do not tick regularly. I do not want to have to parse the combat log and my calculation needs only to be approximate.

Eg Armor and Stagger are always on, reduce incoming damage, and have to be reckoned with. However a player's heal is not guaranteed, regular or constant and I do not want to figure it in.

The very easy solution is to look at player's HP over time and deduce incoming damage. That figure however would be skewed by heals received and other (one time) effects (eg a HP potion).

For the Monk I thought I could look into the Stagger amount and stagger % which I can read programmatically and from there deduce incoming damage.

But I would like a general method where I can do it using API calls rather than parsing combat log, as mentioned above. Can you help?
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