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Hi all

Sorry for the late reply, RL got a bit hectic.

@Xrystal - Thanks for the links.
With the GetContainerItemID it requires the BagID and the BagSlot, I cannot see any function to get the itemID orBagID and BagSlot by hovering.

I did not know I could iterate through the dungeon guide however I would still hit the same issue as I need to get the itemID on hover.

Your chunk would seem to be the answer that I am looking for however I have not been able to get it to work in game.

Based on the advice your both provided I have read up and mucked around to finally come up with the following;
Lua Code:
  1. local itemName, itemLink
  2. GameTooltip:HookScript('OnTooltipSetItem', function(self)
  3.     _, itemLink = self:GetItem()
  4.     print(itemLink)
  5. end)
This chunk spam prints out the itemLink on hover, however, I still have had no succes in capturing the itemLink for use.

I test all code chunks in game using the Rehack addon.

Any further help would be great.
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