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Actually, looking at your code there is an extra ')' in the guildie check.

-- If that doesn't help then the following debug steps may help narrow down the problem.

Do a print(total) after setting total and make sure that it is returning a value other than 0 or 1. The for loop doing the work won't do anything if that value isn't set.

Also, assuming it gets in that loop and sets the table up, add a print(event,unit) in the "NAME_PLATE_UNIT_ADDED" event code block to make sure it is being executed. To stop it from doing it tons of time put a counter at the top of the file and increment it each time the event is called and only print the event and unit values up to a certain count.

Then, assuming that works as expected, put a print(UnitGUID(unit)) before the play sound to see that there is a value. If this prints and the sound doesn't happen, the sound is the problem. If it doesn't print the check isn't working as expected.

As a side note for more details, once everything is working, you could try the following to get their name etc.
local localizedClass, englishClass, localizedRace, englishRace, sex, name, realm = GetPlayerInfoByGUID(guid)

I'm going to give this a quick spin though to make sure it works minus the guild checking side of things as my guildies are rarely on at the same time as me.

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