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Unitframes that's more customizable:

So, if someone feels up to it then it's essentially already made except the coding part, I'd do it myself but when I tried to follow a guy I got Lua error following all the directions exactly, that's how bad I am at coding

I was thinking that it could work well with kg_panels or any other panel addon, but then again, PM me and I'll send an art-pack that I made myself that I was gonna use for my addon if you wanna use that instead, or if you make some templates using that pack, in that case you'll have to do the xml and the Lua that will handle the xml, but I want you to keep that customizing capabillity regardless on what you decide to do.

Name suggestion:
PlayrUF ( |Player UF| that's the name that I was gonna call it when I tried doing it myself, so it would be appreciated if you used it )

Thanks, and if you descide to make this, it would also be appreciated if you kept it up-to-date and also uploaded it and it's updates on curse.com since the curse client keeps everything updated or alerts when there is an update and also having "FrozdY" as a co-author since it's my core idea, I think it's only fair right? Anyway, take care
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