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UI-Debuff-Overlays Square Shape with SetTexCoord


I'm trying to get the canonical debuffType colored debuff overlay that uses the UI-Debuff-Overlays texture to fit a square rather than the rounded corner square. You'll often see code like this:
Lua Code:
  1. local overlay = button:CreateTexture(nil, 'OVERLAY')
  2. overlay:SetTexture([[Interface\Buttons\UI-Debuff-Overlays]])
  3. overlay:SetTexCoord(.296875, .5703125, 0, .515625)
  4. button.overlay = overlay

However, that SetTexCoord will make a rounded corner square. Is there a way to get the UI-Debuff-Overlays to fit a true square with 90 degree corners?

Thank you!

Or perhaps does anyone have a transparent BLP, TGA, or JPEG 32x32 square with a FFFFFF 1 pixel border?

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