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Addon for selecting assigning specific targets

Hi all, looking for an addon that treats the focus as a secondary selection for targets that are friendly (healable) without modifying current target. Any other targets are targeted as normal

So: on click of character model or frame:
if a target is friendly and alive, set to focus, and do no set to target
if else, behave normally

Expected behavior: if i already have a target and select a friendly, i keep my same old target and assign that friendly to focus. if i have no target and select a friendly, they are set to focus and i still have no target.

Does this exist? If not is it doable and is anyone up to the challenge?

So here's the functionality in macro form, but instead of pressing a button, pressing left click (again, must work on character models too which is why clique wont work)

/target [@mouseover,nohelp]
/focus [@mouseover,help]
/cleartarget [focus=target]

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