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Originally Posted by Verissi View Post
Personally, I look at changelogs religiously. Some may think it's silly or a waste of time, but frankly, if there are "cool new features" that have been added and it's a raid night for me, I don't want to risk those new features being buggy. Tanking and errors don't mix well.

I see a lot of generalisations about whether or not every update is a good thing, but I think it's all situational. Yes, a DBM/BigWigs update would be something I would like to have installed on raid night, but do I need the latest version of a questlog or fishing addon (for example) for my raid when I wouldn't be using it and mine was working just fine before? Probably not, and I could safely wait until later to update it. Bear in mind that, even if I don't have a use for that questlog/fishing addon in my raid, it still could cause problems. I think this is the kind of situation that honem is getting at...you run just as much "risk of experiencing problems" by updating right before a raid as you would if you had not updated at all...even moreso if you weren't experiencing problems before updating to begin with.

My personal take on updating is that I don't care if you use software to do it automagically or you do it by hand, but blind updating (e.g. without looking at changelogs at all) and saying it's good in every single case is somewhat foolish. I want to know what I'm installing and how the updates are going to affect my UI and playtime.
It takes me a minute to disable and addon and reload my UI if something is broken. I mean thank God addons aren't tattoos... they can be removed easily. So what risk is there?
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