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Originally Posted by matt_b19 View Post
Before I donate I believe we are entitled to some sort of estimate as to when the addon may be in a usable state.

We must remember that most addon authors made their modules useable either during WoD beta or during PTR(prior to patch launch).

This particular author has been promising updates for a very long time now.

Also, for the addon to work for the expac (2 weeks away) shouldnt all the quests data have already been collected from the beta?

This particular Author took an add-on that had been abandoned and patched it to work and has continually worked on it and updated to continue to work. Donating should be done if you have been using it and it has helped you and made your WOW experience more enjoyable. Trying to shame him or make him look bad because he is not a full time add-on programmer and has to support himself and family with a RL job that requires his time before he can focus on a game add-on is very disrespectful.
If you wish to have him dedicate all of his time to this non-profitable hobby then perhaps offering to pay his RL salary for a few weeks with all of the hardware and access he needs he will have it 100%. Until then pop the top off your preferred beverage take a sip and wait. It's a game after all and if not having Carbonite is that troubling for you then you should have donated LONG ago.