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Originally Posted by schizophrena View Post
If you have seen that Carbonite has already been updated and Rythal is one of the ones who can update (with Fataal and Havok). So I believe this part has been done, at least for the updating.

As for the supporters forum, there hasn't been anything really worthwhile in there for quite some time, we all pretty much use the general forums anyways.
The update on this site is the buggy one the devs released before deciding to pass on the torch. Rythals modded cata version is posted on his own site and I didnt see one here. carboniteaddon.com has been updated to remove the donate link, but still has the previously mentioned release. You could be right tho, I'm hoping they gave Rythal admin control on either or both.

And good to know I haven't missed anything in the other forum LOLOL