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Adding the Ogre waygates is an excellent idea as well as adding missing guide information.

So my advice is to back up the files you edited. Then download and install Rythal's development version of Carbonite and install that if you you haven't already. This version is what we use to submit edits and additions for testing before they are added for future official releases. It is also the most updated version of Carbonite available at this time.

The link is: https://github.com/Rythal/Carbonite/tree/DEV.

Next paste the backup of the files you changed into the appropriate folders and test them in game to make sure they work ok and your waygates show up as they should.

Then check to make sure the mailboxes you want to add haven't already been added since last year's official update before beginning that task.

To get your editions added for testing, set up an account on Github and make a fork of Rythal's version of Carbonite under your own profile. You then want to clone Rythal's "Dev" version to your local computer which you will copy your edited files to that you want to upload to your version of Carbonite. When you have your new edits working the way you want on your system, you want make a pull request to Rythal's "Dev" version for other people to test for themselves.

This is a lot of (probably too much) information I know, but Github has an excellent tutorial that will help you get set up. It also has an application you can install that does all the complicated work for you if you are like me and want to keep it simple.

I'm sure there is probably someone else here who may be able to offer alternative advice that may help, but this is the best way I can think of for you to provide the edits you wish to add to Carbonite.

I'm sure your efforts will be much appreciated if you give my advice here a try.

Best wishes.
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