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(1) The code I posted plus a minimal TOC file weigh in at a grand total of 511 bytes, and does exactly what the poster requested, with absolutely no setup other than clicking a single button to turn it into an addon. PowerAuras is an incredible 32.5 megabytes -- 3407872 bytes, or 6669 times the size of my mini-addon -- and requires wading through massively complicated options menus to set up a simple alert. There's really no comparison.

(2) Maybe you think you're being helpful, but so far your 3 posts on these forums have been (a) necroing years-old threads for no reason, or (b) posting links to addons that are only marginally related to the thread topic. Please don't necro ancient threads, please don't use other people's threads to advertise your favorite addons, and please don't post unless you have relevant and new information to add to a thread.
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