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Originally Posted by myrroddin View Post
I might not use Carbonite, but honestly Rythal, chill, relax, take a deep breath or a few hundred. Carbonite is huge, and your plans for its evolution are difficult, to say the least.

Break it down into steps. Set milestone dates, and you know what, if you don't make them, so what? Little steps. If you keep looking at what is broken or needs changing, it will seem overwhelming. Sit back, and enjoy the little things. The users can and will wait.
I agree whole heartedly. We all know Carbonite has had issues for a very long time yet we *make do* for now because what does work is awesome. The old saying of how does one eat an elephant comes to mind... The answer is one bite at a time. As your work goes forward, it might come to *breaking* some features to recode others.... I can be patient as Carbonite goes through renovations... knowing the end result holds such promise.

You have nothing to apologize for.