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Rythal, take it from a seasoned hand at this: communication is the key, and you are doing a fantastic job of that.

[Most] People are happy to wait, as long as they know what is going on. For example, that's the reason why I posted the update about the prizes from our 10th anniversary stuff. There's no obligation on my part to post anything. But it's just common courtesy and makes all the difference in the world. People generally only get bitchy when they don't know what is going on, when there is no communication. Even if there is going to be a delay for whatever reason, just saying that "hey, something is going on in my [personal/work/whatever] life and this has to take a back burner for awhile" will have most people going "oh, okay, thanks for the update."

You are doing fine. Just continue on as you have been and no one will have any (valid or reasonable) complaints.