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I'm still trying to digest all this.

Personally, I had no problem with the rainforest thing. Haven't donated there yet, but I probably will. As for the people who went into attack mode, they aren't worth consideration. As my grandfather the coal miner would have said "not worth the powder to blow 'em to Hell." Scott, I'm sorry you were subjected to it, but frankly I'm not surprised. Our entire society is losing any semblance of civility, and not just on the internet. :-)

Anyway, I just donated via Paypal (well, I used a credit card there) and had no problems. The page did "light up" but that was probably me hitting the enter key at the wrong time. I just finished filling out the form and went on. At the end, I hit the "return to spielwerkz" button and got a message that the donation had failed. About 5 seconds later I got an (automated, I'm sure) email from Scott saying it was received okay, and I should log out and and back in at nuiaddon.com to make sure it 'took'. It did.

I haven't played WoW at all in several months. Keep intending to get back to it, but life intervenes. If I came back and couldn't use nUI, i'd probably just bag it and go back to other games. But I'll hang in there for now.

Take care, Scott, and don't let the bastards grind you down!

Kazei Stormcaller