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Feature requests for TomTom

I'd like to hear what you guys would like to see added to TomTom. I'll keep the main post updated with suggestions, so feel free to ping me if I don't update it when you post something new. In particular I'd love to hear how you would like the addon to WORK for you, things like optimization I can manage on my own. Please try to be as specific as you can, and feel free to outline an entire workflow.

  • Instead of saying "this zone" perhaps you could look up the zone the waypoint in question references, and then change the text to "Remove all waypoints from <Zone name>"
  • It would be nice to have an option to supply an icon texture when using the TomTom API.
  • Is there a way to get the distance to waypoint to show in the LDB display (directly - rather than in the tooltip)?
  • Can you add the Send To -> Party .. options to the crazy arrow's menu (stand-alone and LDB)? It's much easier to grap the current waypoint that way than to try to pick it out of the army of points I tend to have on my minimap or to flip to my world map.
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