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An option to route between waypoints in the order in which they are entered (either first to last, or last to first - doesn't matter as long as there's a tooltip saying the way it is processed) with cross-zone support.

Usage example:
The Unborn Val'kyr pet has 3 spawn points in each Northrend zone

A user may want to create a route that passes through all points, some of which are farther than other points, but lead to a more efficient overall route:

Or they have pet battle dailies and want to take a specific route:

An option would exist in the Addon options menu to "Route in Specified Order."
It would be mutually exclusive from quest routing and routing to the next closest waypoint.

Even the simplest, most bare-bones implementation would be helpful:
If there is a memory or storage limitation, only accepting coordinates without descriptive text.
Once entered, the order can't be changed and the only option is to remove all waypoints and re-enter them (this is easy enough to do with a text editor out-of-game and re-entering them with an addon like Paste).

More fancy options could include:
Seeing lines and arrows between waypoints on the world map (display which would be toggled).
A new coordinates list window that lets you enter and change the order of entered coordinates (drag and drop or select and press "+" or "-" buttons to move the selected entry higher or lower).
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