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I had to upgrade for some 7.x major patch... maybe 7.3? when Blizzard apparently added some new copy protection scheme into WoW and my then-current wine-staging-2.2 no longer worked. Here's what I did:

1. Rename the existing Wine prefix folder, e.g. /home/phanx/Games/wow ➞ /home/phanx/Games/wow-wine2.2
2. Delete the existing WoW entry in Lutris
3. Install WoW again through Lutris (this does not actually download WoW, just the Bnet app, which is quite small)
4. Launch the new WoW entry in Lutris (actually launches the Bnet app)
5. Point it to where my existing WoW install actually lives

If all goes well then you can delete the old Wine prefix and corresponding entry in Lutris.

Like I said in my last post, I don't actually use Lutris to launch WoW, as it just adds an extra step. Instead I use a shell script that references the Lutris-installed version of Wine, the Lutris-created Wine prefix, and the appropriate env vars:



env WINEDEBUG=-all \
	mesa_glthread=true \
	"$RUNNER"/bin/wine \
	start /unix /home/phanx/bin-wine/world-of-warcraft/Wow-64.exe
I did notice that the current WoW install script for Lutris uses a different Wine build, but I haven't tried it yet since the pba build works great and I don't actually play the game, haha.

Also, you can easily add/remove different Wine versions in Lutris. From the main window, open the "Lutris" menu and select "Manage runners". Scroll down to Wine and press the "Manage versions" button. From there just check the box next to any Wine build you want to add, and uncheck the box next to any old builds you want to remove. If you launch WoW from Lutris, right-click on the WoW entry, select "Configure", switch to the "Runner options" tab, and change the "Wine version" dropdown.
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