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Originally Posted by Cladhaire
How do I put the name inside the health bar?
This one is pretty easy, actually but will take some tweaking to get it to look just right. First off, remember that the frame looks like this by default:


and in default mode, the rightbox contains the buff text, and the leftbox contains the name. What you can do to experiment is, change the leftbox to 1 pixel width, and then anchor the name. Do this:

PerfectRaid.lua:697 - Change to button.leftbox:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", button, "BOTTOMLEFT", 1, 0)
It should be line 696.

Originally Posted by Cladhaire
PerfectRaid.lua:729/730 - Change these two lines to:
button.name:SetPoint("LEFT", button.healthbar, "LEFT", 0, 0)
button.name:SetPoint("RIGHT", button.healthbar, "RIGHT", 0, 0)
This should make the left bound box smaller, and anchor the name to the left hand side of the healthbar. If the name is too long, it will run into the status text, but you could fix this with anchoring.
You also have to change the next line (731) to
otherwise the names will be anchored right.

With this change Manabar is on top of the name, so the bigger the manabar the less you see of the name. Is there a possibilty to change this behaviour?

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