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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Why do you need to perform tooltip scanning? The list of auras that cause a Fear effect, for example, is finite and known; if your only concern is PvP, the list is even smaller. You can just build a precompiled table of Fear auras in "[id]=true" format, and then check "if FearAuras[id] then" inside your CLEU handler to see if the aura that was applied is a Fear effect. Since this uses spell IDs, not spell names or tooltip text, it is also completely locale-independent.
This is true, but it's not necessarily an easy task to compile and maintain a list of those spell-IDs. That also doesn't solve the problem of silence and interrupt effects which do not have a relevant debuff. If I were to maintain said table I can also maintain a list of their durations, but unless it's changed silences are on diminishing returns. It might not be impossible to still track their effect (assuming I could get a solid indication when they're applied), but at that point the complexity goes up a lot.

This absolutely just seems like something that is missing in the API. Mechanism-based information would be very useful to include in CLEU. After all, they recently supplemented SPELL_AURA_APPLIED and UnitAura to provide the remaining absorption amount on shields. Why not give us relevant info on some other mechanics which are both equally useful, and equally challenging to otherwise keep track of?
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