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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
Finally a year later ... I have it sussed ...

In the nUI_Bars.lua file around line 380 there is a block of code like the following:
Lua Code:
  1. if nUI_Options.boomkinBar then
  2.     RegisterStateDriver(
  3.       nUI_ActionBar, "page", string.format(
  4.         "[vehicleui][possessbar] %d; [vehicleui] %d; [overridebar] %d; [shapeshift] %d; [bar:2] 2;
  5.        [bar:3] 3; [bar:4] 4; [bar:5] 5; [bar:6] 6; [bonusbar:1] 7; [bonusbar:2] 8; [bonusbar:3] 9;  
  6.        [bonusbar:4] 10; [bonusbar:5] 11; 1",
  7.         GetVehicleBarIndex(), GetVehicleBarIndex(), GetOverrideBarIndex(), GetTempShapeshiftBarIndex()
  8.       )
  9.     );
  10.   else
  11.     RegisterStateDriver(
  12.       nUI_ActionBar, "page", string.format(
  13.         "[vehicleui][possessbar] %d; [vehicleui] %d; [overridebar] %d; [shapeshift] %d; [bar:2] 2;
  14.        [bar:3] 3; [bar:4] 4; [bar:5] 5; [bar:6] 6; [bonusbar:1] 7; [bonusbar:2] 8; [bonusbar:3] 9;
  15.        [bonusbar:4] 1; [bonusbar:5] 11; 1",
  16.         GetVehicleBarIndex(), GetVehicleBarIndex(), GetOverrideBarIndex(), GetTempShapeshiftBarIndex()
  17.       )
  18.     );
  19.   end

Notice the '[vehicleui][possessbar] %d;' section which relates to the first GetVehicleBarIndex() in the format list. This will allow the pilgrims table to function properly in nUI. Simply add those elements into the current latest version of nUI. It still doesn't resolve the vashjir quests as that was one of the elements I was trying to use to get them to work and it didn't work for that so something else is causing that to not work properly.
Ummm.... First off, I'd guess you mis-typed the name of that LUA file, as I can't find nUI_Bars.lua anywhere in the nUI Plus v5.07.40 archive. Did you mean nUI_BagBar.lua or nUI_ButtonBar.lua by chance?

Other than that, I don't really understand your instructions. Add those elements "where" into the current version of nUI? I'm also not sure of actually how much of the quoted LUA text should be copied.

Much as I hate to say it, for those of us with only minimal programming skills, a couple of ready-to-go downloadable replacement files would really be appreciated.
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